•   Phone : (410) 891-8740
  •   Address : 10540 YORK ROAD      COCKEYSVILLE MD 21030

   : Hours Of Operation :   
Mon To Thur 11:00am To 09:30pm
Fri To Sat 11:00am To 10:00pm
Sunday : Full Day Closed


Tandoori Chicken

Marinated chicken in yogurt w/spl mild spices

Chicken Tikka

White meat cubes marinated in yogurt, w/special mild spices

Chicken Malai Kabab

White meat cubes marinated in yogurt, cream & lite spices

Sheesh Kabab

Marinated minced lamb hh w/onion & spice

Lamb Chops

Lamb chops marinated in traditional spices & char-grilled

Boti Kabab

Lamb marinated in yogurt & special seasonings

Shrimp Tandoori

Shrimp marinated in mild spices & grilled

Fish Tandoori

Chunks of salmon marinated & grilled

Tandoori Nawab Platter

Assortment of tan chx tikka, boti tikka, seehk kabab,shrimp,fish tikka

Paneer Tikka

Chunks of paneer (cottage cheese) marinated in yogurt & spices,grilled w/onion pepper and tomato

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