•   Phone : (410) 891-8740
  •   Address : 10540 YORK ROAD      COCKEYSVILLE MD 21030

   : Hours Of Operation :   
Mon To Thur 11:00am To 09:30pm
Fri To Sat 11:00am To 10:00pm
Sunday : Full Day Closed


Mulligatawney Soup

Tangy lentil,seasone veggie in herbs

Veggie Soup

Seasoned veggie in creamy stock

Chicken Soup

Cucumbr Raita

Traditional yogurt dipped w/cucumber

Kachumbr Raita

Traditional Indian veggie w/green chili, lemon wedge

Vegetable Samosa

Deep fried pastry stuffed w/seasoned potatoes & peas

Samosa Chaat

Deep fried patty stuffed w/potato & peas topped with mixed sauce & yogurt

Tomato Soup

Vegetable Cutlet

Deep fried potato patty mixed w/veggie

Ragada Patti

Potato patty served w/chick peas,mixed sauce & yogurt

Papdi Chaat

Flour crisps topped w/potatos,chickpea, & mint chutney

Vegetable Pakora

Assorted veggie fritters in chickpea batter

Chicken Pakora

Seasoned chicken cubes deep fried in chickpea batter

Shrimp Pakora

Baby shrimp deep fried in chickpea batter

Paneer Pakora

Onion Bhajia

Onion dipped in chickpea batter deep fried

Aloo Bonda

Seasoned potato balls deep friend with a thin covering of batter

Gobi Manchuri

Cauliflower in flour batter deep fried & stripped in spicy garlic sauce

Chicken Manchuri

Chicken in flour batter deep fried & stripped in spicy garlic sauce

Paner Manchuri

Tandoori Chicken Katti Roll

Chicken Tikka Katti Roll

Seekh Kabab Katti Roll

Curry Veggie Katti Roll

Chicken Tikka on Salad

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