•   Phone : (410) 891-8740
  •   Address : 10540 YORK ROAD      COCKEYSVILLE MD 21030

   : Hours Of Operation :   
Mon To Thur 11:00am To 09:30pm
Fri To Sat 11:00am To 10:00pm
Sunday : Full Day Closed

Vegetarian Delicacies

Malai Kofta

Minced veggie balls stuffed w/grated cheese & nuts deep fried & dipped in rich mild cream sauce

Kofta Curry

Minced veggie balls deep fried, dipped in spice,tomato sauce

Kadai Kofta

Minced veggie balls w/rich tomato & cream sauce w/bell pepper & onions

Malabari Kofta

Veggie ball cooked in rich coconut sauce

Makhani Kofta

Veggie ball cooked in popular tikka sauce

Mattar Paneer

Cottage cheese cubes & peas,mild rich flavored creamy sauce

Saag Paneer

Cottage cheese & spinach cooked in mild creamy sauce

Kadai Paneer

Cubes of paneer cooked in rich flavored tomato based sauce w/ginger,onion,bell pepper

Paneer Tikka Masala

Marinated grilled paneer,rich and mild creamy sauce cooked to,perfection

Shahi Paneer

Cubes of paneer in rich aromatic creamy sauce topped with dry nuts

Saag Aloo Mattar

Spinach,potatoes & peas blended in creamy sauce

Saag Subji

Mild cream spinach w/cmixed vegetables

Channa Saag

Chick peas w/creamy steamed spinach

Channa Masala

Chickpeas cooked in blend of tomato,onion,herbased sauce

Bhindi Masala

Fresh okara sauteed w/ginger tomato,onion,curryleaves and a dash of fresh mastard

Kashmiri Bhindi

Fresh okra sauteed in rich flavored tomato sauce w/dash of mastard,curry leaves,red pepper & fresh coriander

Aloo Gobi Masala

Potatoes, cauliflower sauteed in onion tomato herb sauce

Aloo Gobi Mattar

Potatoes,peas,cauliflower sauteed in onion tomato herb sauce

Aloo Gobi Paneer Masala

Potatoes,cauliflower sauteed in onion tomato herb sauce with paneer

Aloo Methi

Sauteed potato with fenugreek & cumin

Vegetable Korma

Medly of veggies cooked in rich aromatic cream sauce topped with dry fruits

Vegetable Curry

Vegetable jalfrezi

Thick spiced flavor sauce w/mixed vegetables

Vegetable Vindaloo

A Spicy dish of onion,tomato, & vegetables w/dash of vinegar

Vegetable Makhani

Medly of veggies,onions,bell pepper in popular tikka sauce

Vegetable Rogan Josh

Medly of vegetables in curry made w/right blend of onion,ginger,garlic,tomato,cooked to perfection in spices and herbs

Vegetable Malabari

Mixed vegetables sauteed w/coconut sauce,mastard and curry leaves.

Began Baratha

Slow-roasted eggplant minced & cooked w/blend of onions,peas,tomato in mild herbs & spices.

Began Aloo Masala

Eggplant chopped veggies cooked in rich sauce & granted paneer garnished w/fresh coriander

Egg Burji

Favorite indian side dish! Egg scrambled w/mixed veggies.

Malai Methi Mattar

Green peas, fenugreek cooked in rich cream sauce w/mild spices

Khumb Masala

Mushroom,bell pepper,onion,tomato,potatoes,sauteed in rich flavored sauce

Kaju Masala

Golden brown cashews blended in rich mild creamy sauce w/dash of ginger, fresh coriander & mild spices

Daal Makhani

Assorted lentils cooked in fresh herbs,onion,tomato based sauce w/rich flavor

Daal Tadkewali

Yellow lentil cooked w/onion, ginger,green chili w.dash of curry leaves & mustard topped w/fresh coriander

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